(St.) Alphage London Wall
   On the south side of London Wall at No. 13. In Cripplegate Ward Within.
   The church stood originally on the north side, adjoining the Wall of London.
   Earliest mention found in records : " St. Elfego," c. 1108-25 (Anc. Deeds, A. 7309).
   The church is said to have been built prior to the charter of William I. to the foundation of St. Martin's le Grand in 1068, and to have been included in the gifts of churches, etc., mentioned therein. It is not mentioned by name in the charter.
   Other forms : " St. Alfego," 1189-98 (Anc. Deeds, A. 7926). " St. Alphegi," 1189-98 (ib. A. 11,858). "Sce Aliphegi sone day," 1241-59 (Fulk Basset's Register in D. and C. St. Paul's MSS. W.D. fo. 49). " St. Elfegi beside Crepelgate," 1275 (Anc. Deeds, A. 11,859). " St. Alphege de Cripelgate," 1279-80 (Ct. H.W. I. 43). " St. Alfige within Cripelgate," 1283-4 (ib. 68). " St. AElphege de Wodestrate," 1291 (ib. 102). " St. Alphege near Crepelgate," 1304 (ib. 165). "Alphey within Crepilgate " (Arnold, 1500-21, p.247).
   In 1328 mention is made in a will of the parish of " St. Alphage within Bisshopesgate " (Ct. H.W. I. 339). There does not appear ever to have been any other church in London dedicated to St. Alphage and the passage may probably refer to the church of St. Alphage within Cripplegate.
   Stow tells us that at the suppression of the Priory of Elsing Spital, temp. H. VIII., part of the priory church on the south side of London Wall was converted into a parish church for St. Alphage and the old parish church, which stood on the north side near the wall of the City by Cripplegate, being ruinous was pulled down and the plot made a carpenter's yard. The old churchyard, containing remains of the old Wall of London, is enclosed by an iron railing on the north side of London Wall Street.
   Repaired 1624 and again 1682, 1701 and 1774-7. It was one of the few churches that escaped the Fire of London, 1666. North porch erected 1914.
   A Rectory. Patrons : Dean of St. Martin's le Grand (Lib. Cust. I. 235), until the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when the patronage fell to the Crown and was given by Queen Mary to the Bishop of London (Newcourt, I. 259).
   St. Alphage, to whom the church is dedicated, was Archbishop of Canterbury, and died 1012. He was buried in St. Paul's, but removed to Canterbury 1023.
   The tower is fourteenth-century work of the old church of Elsing Spital, and it contains a fine doorway and arch.
   It is proposed to unite this parish to St. Mary Aldermanbury.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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