Cloak Lane
   West out of Dowgate Hill to 66 Queen Street (P.O. Directory). In Walbrook, Dowgate, and Vintry Wards.
   First mention: O. and M. 1677.
   Former name : "Horshew bridge street " (S. 230).
   So called, as Stow says, of Horseshoe bridge over the Waibrook (q.v.), now vaulted over (ib. 241).
   In the earlier maps with the exception of Strype, Cloak Lane was shorter and only extended west to Tower Royal, its western continuation being known as St. Thomas Apostle. In Strype it did not extend so far west as Tower Royal.
   In Lockie's Topography, 1810, it is described as of similar extent to that shown in the maps, but before 1831 it had absorbed that part of St. Thomas Apostle which had extended from Tower Royal to Queen Street. Widened 1884.
   Elmes suggests the derivation of the name from "cloaca," a sewer which anciently ran along it from Queen Street into the Walbrook. But as the name is of comparatively modern origin, probably after the Fire, this does not seem to be an altogether satisfactory derivation./Piles in the bed of the Walbrook were found here in 1905.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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