Coneyhope, Chapel of
   See St. Mary de Coneyhope, Chapel of.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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  • (St.) Mary de Coneyhope, Chapel of —     At the eastern end of Cheapside, in the Poultry, in Coneyhope Lane, now Grocer s Hall Court. In Cheap Ward.    Annexed to the church of St. Mildred, Poultry.    First mention found in records : St. Mary de Conehop, 1279 (Ct. H.W. I. 41).… …   Dictionary of London

  • Coneyhope —    Seems to have been a messuage in the Poultry. According to Stow it was a poulterer s shop, and had for its sign three coneys in a hoop (S. 265).    St. Mildred near Conhop is mentioned in the will of Philip le Taillour in 1292 (Ct. H.W. I.… …   Dictionary of London

  • Coneyhope Lane —    North out of the Poultry in the Parish of St. Mildred, Poultry (S. 265).    Earliest mention: Conohop Lane, 1292 (Ct. H.W. I. 106).    Other names and forms of name : Conynghoplane, 1328 (ib. 332). Conynghope lane, 1390 (ib. II. 281).… …   Dictionary of London

  • Corpus Christi Chapel in the Poultry —    See St. Mary de Coneyhope, Chapel of …   Dictionary of London

  • Corpus Christi, Fraternity of —    In the Chapel of St. Mary de Coneyhope (q.v.) …   Dictionary of London

  • (St.) Mildred Poultry —    On the north side of the Poultry at its junction with Mansion House Street (O.S.). In Cheap Ward. The parish extends into Broad Street Ward.    Earliest mention found in records : Sce Mildrithe, 1175 (Cott. Ch. XI. 52).    Other names and… …   Dictionary of London

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