Fishmongers' Company
   The Fishmongers formed originally two separate Companies, viz. Stockefishmongers and Saltfishmongers.
   United 11 H. VI. under the name of The Fishmongers (Pat. 11 H. VI. quoted Herbert, II. p. 5). Separated again 21 H. VII. and reunited finally and incorporated 26 H. VIII. (ib. p. 6).
   Account of the elections to the Mistery of the Fishmongers given 1328 (Cal. L. Bk. F. p. 232).
   New charter of Incorporation granted 2 Jas. I. (Herbert II. p. 6).
   Well endowed and wealthy.
   A brotherhood of St. Peter was established in St. Peter's Cornhill 4 H. IV. by the King for the Fishmongers (S. 196).
   Said to have been in existence as an association or brotherhood prior to Henry II.
   There is an interesting account of the Company and the Hall in Trans. L. and M. Arch. Soc. N.S. II. (2) 193).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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