Garlick Hill

Garlick Hill
   North out of Upper Thames Street, at 190, to 40 Cannon Street (P.O. Directory). In Vintry Ward.
   Formerly it extended north to Great St. Thomas Apostle, the northern continuation to Cannon Street being called until recently "Bow Lane."
   First mention: "Garlyk hill," 1500-21 (Arnold's Chronicle, p. 77).
   Stow calls it Garlick hill, or hithe (S. 252), but "Garlickhithe" must have been a wharf on the river and not identical with the street called Garlick Hill.
   It appears from early records that this street was originally included in and formed part of Cordwainer Street (q.v.), which probably extended as far south as Thames Street.
   Named after Garlickhithe on the Thames (q.v.).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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