Little Conduit in Westcheap
   By St. Paul's Gate at the east end of the church of St. Michael le Quern. In Farringdon Ward Within (Leake, 1666).
   First mention: In 1389 an Order was made for the old broken Cross near the church of St. Michael "atte Corn" to be removed by the Chamberlain and a new conduit to be made in its place, 13 Rich. II. (Cal. L. Bk. H. p. 342).
   Other references : "Lytyll Conduit in Chepe," Gregory's Chronicle (Cam. Soc.) under date, 1390-1 (p. 93). Mentioned in the rejoicings on the occasion of the Coronation of Henry VI. 1432 (Chronicles of London, ed. by Kingsford, p. 112). In 1430, 9 H. VI. Wm. Estfeld the Mayor made an ordinance at the request of the Commonalty to the effect that the new conduit in Westchepe near the east end of the church of St. Michael le Quern should in future be repaired at the City's expense and that parishioners of the church, or those living round the conduit, should not be forced to contribute (Cal. L. Bk. K. p. 110).
   A grant of 1000 marks made to complete the new conduit, 1440 (ib. 243).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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