Romeland, Billingsgate

Romeland, Billingsgate
   A large open space at the head of Billingsgate Dock, in the parish of St. Mary at Hill, in Billingsgate Ward.
   In the 28 H. VIII. "le Romland" is said to have belonged to the parish church of St. Mary at Hill (L. and P. H. VIII. D.S. X. p.530).
   In the records of the church it is several times referred to, as in 1496-7. For the expenses of taking rubbish to the Romeland (p.223).
   In 1559 the images and other things taken out of the church were burnt there (p.412).
   "Receipts for Rowndland. Of a spanyerd for lying his shipp there, 1547-8, vij.s. viij.d." (p.385).
   Paid to the king for Romeland, 1549-50, x. li. (p.389).
   In 37 H. VIII. it was declared by a decree in Chancery that the land belonged to the citizens of I,ondon and not to the parishioners of St. Mary at Hill, on the ground that it was the common wharf of Billingsgate, which had always belonged to the citizens and on which they had held a market time out of mind. It was contended that the key belonging to the parson of St. Mary at Hill adjoined the Romeland, but was quite distinct from it and that the parishioners could not provide any evidence in support of their claim The Boss of Billingsgate was erected on the Romeland by Whittington.
   It has been suggested that the "Romeland" belonged at one time to the Abbot of Waltham, whose town residence was in the parish of St. Mary at Hill, and that it was connected with the Romeland in front of the Abbey at Waltham, which was used as a market place.
   See Romelands.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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