Stow describes them as sheds or shops, but Riley thinks he is in error in thus describing them.
   He says there seems to be every reason to conclude from various passages in the City records that these selds were extensive warehouses, similar probably to the Eastern bazaars, with numerous rooms in them and fitted with aumbries, or cupboards, chests and locks and let to various tenants; while in some instances a mere vacant plot of ground (placea) within the seld is mentioned as being let (Mem. xviii.).
   Thus, for instance: In 1318 John Sturmy let to Hamon Godchep "a place of ground in the great seld which formerly belonged to the Lady Roisia de Coventre situate in the Westchepe of London (Cal. L. Bk. E. p. 85). In 1320 Richard and Margery Godchep let a room in their seld in the parish of St. Mary le Bow in Westchepe, together with the chests and aumbries therein (Cal. L. Bk. E. p.134). Two chests in the seld of St. Martin le Grand mentioned in Will of 1315-16 (Ct. H.W. I. 259). Aumbry with three chests belonging to Thomas de Worstede in the seld of Richard Costantyn, 1346 (ib. 489).
   See also: Tanner's Seld, Girdlers' Seld, Brodeselde, Winchester Seld, Painted Seld, Brantefeldesselde, Goodchepfelde (" f " should be " s "), Crowned Seld, Aernselde or Berneselde, Arraces Selde, Andoverseld, White Tawyers' Seld.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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