Shoe Lane
   North out of Fleet Street to Charterhouse Street, west of Farringdon Street (P.O. Directory). In Farringdon Ward Without.
   First mention: Street called "Sholand" in parish of St. Andrew of Holeburne, 56 H. III. (Hust. Roll 4, No. iii).
   Mention made previously of a certain well called "Showelle" at the upper head of the lane which lay between the house of the preaching friars and the Court of Richard Lunghespeye, 46 H. III. (Ch. I. p.m. No.42). This lane seems to occupy the position of Shoe Lane.
   Other forms: " Sholane," 9 Ed. I. (Ch. I. p.m.). "Scholane," 1283 (Ct. H.W. I. 67). "Scholaunde," 1285 (ib. 72). " Schof lane," 12 Ed. II. (Hust. Roll 47, No.76). " Sholaneend," 1433-4 (Ct. H.W. II. 469). "Showe Lane," 36 H. VIII. (L. and P. H. VIII. XX. (1), p.123). " Shoe Alley "alias " Shoe Lane," 7 Eliz. (Lond. I. p.m. II. 31).
   The street has been considerably altered at its northern end by the formation of Holborn Viaduct and its extension further north to Charterhouse Street.
   There was a " Sholane " in the parish of St. Nicholas, Calais (Anc. Deeds, A. 12348), also a tenement called the " Shewe," 1461 (Ct. H.W. II. 547).
   It may have been named after the " Showelle," in the lane above mentioned.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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