These seem to have been low stone posts set up at each end of London Bridge.
   The Stoples or Stuips n Southwark are frequently mentioned and in 1375 are referred to as marking the boundary of the Ward of Briggestrete (Bridge Ward (Within)) at the end of London Bridge (Cal. L. Bk. H.p. 93, and See Cal. L. Bk. K. p.3).
   Earliest mention: " les Stouples," 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 591).
   Grafton, in describing the contest on London Bridge during Jack Cade's rebellion, speaks of the Londoners being "bet backe to the 'stuples at Saint Magnus corner,'" 1450 (Grafton's Chron. p.643).
   Various forms of name: " Stouples," 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 591). " Stoples," 1356 (Lond. Topog. Rec. V. 169). " Stoples," 1372 (Cal. L. Bk. G. 300). " Stoples," 1372 (Cal. L. Bk. H. p.93). " Stulpes," 1375 (ib.).
   The word "stulp" in the Dialect Dictionary = a post, pillar, especially a boundary post, a prop, support, etc. The various forms given are " stolp," " stoup," " stoop," in use in different parts of the country, especially in the north and east. Compare Icel. "stolpi," Sw. Dan. " stolpe," M. D. " stolpe," a post. M. E. " stulpe," " stolpe."
   It is worthy of note that in addition to these references to the stuips or posts erected at each end of the Bridge to mark its site and extent, and at the Southwark end to determine the boundary of Bridge Ward Within, the word occurs in early records as applied to other property in various parts of the City.
   The tenement of Henry de Hardyngham in the parish of St. Michael Cornhill, 1356-7 is called " le Stoples" (Ct. H.W. I. 695).
   A brewery in the same parish in 1419 is called "les Stulpes" now "le Swan on the hop" opposite "le Tonne" (ib. II. 444).
   Tenement in Watlyngstret in parish of St. Mary de Aldermarichirche in 1397 called "le Stulpes " (ib. 328).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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