Tower Postern
   North of the Tower, by George Yard, between that yard and the Tower Ditch, at the southern termination of London Wall (O. and M. 1677).
   Originally built of Kent and Caen stone, perhaps at the time the City wall was broken down for the erection of the Tower.
   Called "le Posteryn," 34 Hen. VI. (Cal. P.R. H. VI. 1452-61, p.280).
   Subsequently undermined and partly broken down 1190 for the enlargement of the Tower.
   Fell down 1440 and not properly rebuilt (S. 28).
   Remains still standing 1691 (De Laune, p.11).
   Taken down by 1720 (Strype, ed. 1720, I. i. 14).
   Name derived from position near the Tower.
   There seems to have been a spring by the Postern Gate, near Tower Ditch covered over with a pump in it in 1801 (Gent. Mag. Lib. XVI. 275).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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