(Holy) Trinity Minories
   At the east end of Church Street, Minories (P.O. Directory).
   Stow speaks of it in 1603 as a parish church for the inhabitants of the Close (S. 127).
   Referred to in 1541 at the consecration of Knight as Bishop of Bath and Wells as the chapel of the Bishop of Bathe's house, situate in the Minories, Aldgate (Kinns, 191, quoting Strype's Memorials of Cranmer).
   First reference to it as a parish church is in the Will of Julian Morgan, 1557, referred to as" the church of the Minories w'out Aldgate where as I am a paryshoner ... I give and bequeath unto the parysche Churche of the Minories 20s., etc." (Tomlinson's Hist. of the Minories, p. 161).
   Church and parish occupy site of Abbey of St. Clare and the precincts (Kinns, 13).
   It was a royal peculiar, claiming various rights and privileges and freedom from the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London, which claim it maintained until 1730 (Tomlinson, 167-71).
   A Curacy (P.C. 1732).
   Church rebuilt 1708, the old north wall remaining (Tomlinson, 264).
   Reunited to St. Botolph's parish and church closed 1899 (ib. 16o and 270).
   There does not seem to be any evidence as to the origin of the dedication, and as to whether it was the original dedication of the Abbey church of the Minoresses, or an entirely separate dedication, subsequent to the suppression of the Nunnery.
   There was a chapel of the Holy Trinity at the New Cemetery of the Holy Trinity Priory outside Aldgate, 1369 (Ct. H.W. II. 131).
   Perhaps this may have been the origin of the dedication.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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