Turnagain Lane
   East out of Farringdon Street at No.36, in Farringdon Ward Without (P.O. Directory).
   First mention: 1601 (H. MSS. Corn. Salisbury, XI. p.357).
   Former names: "Tumback Lane" (Leake, 1666). "Windagaine Lane" (S. 392). Wendageyneslane," 21 Ed. I. (MS. D. and C. St. Paul's, Press A. Box 23, No.298). Wandayeneslane," 1308-9 (Ct. H.W. I. 204). " Wenda3eneslane," 1328 (ib. 335). "Wandageyneslane," 1337 (ib. 422). "Wenagaynlane" upon Hollebourn stream, 1341 (ib. 446).
   Eastern end out of Snow Hill removed for the formation of Holborn Viaduct and its approaches.
   The name suggests Tindale's words in 1531, "a turnagaine lane which they cannot goe through."

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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