Water Lane
   1) South out of Great Tower Street, at No.27, to Lower Thames Street at No. 61. In Tower Ward (P.O. Directory).
   Earliest mention: " Waterlane," 1461 (Ct. H.W. II. 547).
   Former names : " Sporiereslane," 1295 (ib. I. 122). " Sporyerslane," 1461 (ib. II. 547). "Waterlane " sometime called " Sporyerslane " (Ct. H.W. II. 547). " Water gate," 6 Rich. II. (Cal. P.R. 1381-5, p.149). " Spurrier lane, now Water Lane" (Howel 1657, p.49). "Sporiar lane" (S. 135).
   Derivation of name: "Water lane because it runneth down to the Water gate (S. 135). " Sporiereslane," from the Spurriers or Spurmakers.
   Remains of pottery have been found here, Ganiish ware of the 1st century, etc.
   2) South out of Upper Thames Street to the Thames immediately west of London Bridge (Trans. L. and M. Arch. Soc. N.S. II. (2), p.198).
   It seems to have led to the water works and to have been identical with Oysterhill Gully Hole (q.v.).
   Site now occupied by London Bridge.
   3) See Whitefriars Street.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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