Billiter Lane
   See Billiter Street.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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  • Billiter Street —    1) South out of Leadenhall Street at No.38 to Fenchurch Street (P.O. Directory). In Aldgate Ward.    First mention: Billiter Lane or Street (Elmes, 1831).    Earlier names : Belzeterslane, 1298 (Ct. H.W. I. 134). Belleyetteres lane, 1306 7 (ib …   Dictionary of London

  • Billiter Square —    West out of Billiter Street at No. 11. In Aldgate Ward and Langbourn Ward (P.O. Directory).    Seems to be in course of formation in Strype s map, 1720, and in the text he speaks of the buildings as new (I. ii. 82). Mentioned in Hatton, 1708,… …   Dictionary of London

  • Boliot' Lane —    A brewhouse in Boliot Lane in parish of Holy Trinity mentioned in the will of William Haunsard, 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 615).    Can this be, Belieterlane in the parish of St. Katherine Cree. The testator in his will refers to the Conventual Church… …   Dictionary of London

  • Belheteres Lane —    See Billiter Street …   Dictionary of London

  • Belieters Lane —    See Billiter Street …   Dictionary of London

  • Bylleter Lane —    See Billiter Street …   Dictionary of London

  • (St.) Michael Aldgate —    One of the old parishes mentioned by Stow as having formed first the parish of the Holy Cross or Holy Rood and afterwards as having been absorbed by the Priory of Holy Trinity, the parish of Holy Trinity (S. 142).    It seems to be still… …   Dictionary of London

  • Billet Court —    East out of Billiter Street. In Aldgate Ward (Strype, 1720 Boyle, 1799).    Other names : Billiter Court (O. and M. 1677). Bill Alley (Rocque, 1746).    Boyle gives both names.    Site rebuilt in the 19th century. Name no doubt a corruption… …   Dictionary of London

  • Africa House —    On the south side of Leadenhall Street, Nos. 44 to 46, east of Billiter Street. In Aldgate Ward.    First mention: African House (O. and M. 1677). Part of the site was then occupied by Whitchurch House. Strype calls it Royal African House (ed …   Dictionary of London

  • Brown's Court —    1) In Crutched Friars (Dodsley, 1761).    Not named in the maps.    2) West out of Shoe Lane in Farringdon Ward Without, near the middle of the Lane (O. and M. 1677 Boyle, 1799).    Site now covered by offices and business houses.    3) East… …   Dictionary of London

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