All Hallows Semannescyrce

All Hallows Semannescyrce
   A Charter of Gilbert, Bishop of London, confirmed the church, " Omnium Sanctorum in London quae dicitur Semannesire," to the monks of Tewkesbury (Dugdale, II.71). " Quaedam ecclesia in Londonia quae vocatur' SemannesAll Hallows Semannescyrcece' mentioned in charter of Henry I. 1100-1107, quoted in charter of Henry IV. (ib. p.66).
   " Parochia omnium sanctorum Semanchirch," 1285 (D. and C. St. Paul's, Liber L. f. 93).
   " In parrochia semanes-cherche " (ib. W.D. f. 12), 13th century.
   The charter of Gilbert, Bishop of London, above mentioned, seems to suggest that this church may be identified with All Hallows the Great, for in 1248 in the Annals of Tewkesbury it is recorded that the monks laid claim to the advowson " de ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum Londoniae " as against Richard earl of Gloucester, and the suit being decided in his favour, this advowson passed subsequently with the other estates of the earldom of Gloucester to Hugh le Despencer the younger. In the list of patrons of London Churches in the Liber Cust. I. 238, Hugh is designated as the owner of the advows son of " Omnium Sanctorum ad Fenum," one of the distinctive appellations of All Hallow-the Great.
   It is not unlikely that this name" Semannescyrce " would be given to All Hallows the Great, situated as it was near to the great port of Dowgate, and therefore easy of access to the seamen trading there.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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