Castle Baynard Ward

Castle Baynard Ward
   One of the twenty-six wards of the City of London, to the south. Bounded on the north and west by Farringdon Ward Within, east by Queenhithe and Bread Street Wards, and south by the Thames.
   First mention: Cal. Letter Book B. p. 257, 1275. See Episcopi (Warda).
   Called "Ward of Peter de Edelmeton," 3 Ed. I. (Rot. Hund. I. 423 and 433).
   Baynardscastle Ward," 11 Rich. II. (Anc. Deeds A. 1848). "Warda Castri," 1291-2 (Cal. L. Bk. A. p. 137).
   Described by Stow as the soke or ward of Robert Fitzwater, Castillon and Banner bearer of London (S. 367).
   So named of an old Castle there (S. 364).
   See Baynard's Castle.
   In Stow's time it contained four parish churches, viz. : St. Andrew by the Wardrobe ; St. Benet Paul's Wharf ; St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street ; St. Gregory by St. Paul's. Of these the first two alone remain. Two Halls of Companies : Woodmongers Hall, Blacksmiths Hall. No longer in existence.
   The ward has been materially altered by the formation of Queen Victoria Street, intersecting it from east to west.
   See Wards.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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