Cat's Hole

   East out of Little Tower Hill to St. Katherine's New Court (Horwood, 1799, and Lockie, 1816).
   Earliest mention: In 1672 houses in "Cats Hole" and St. Katherine's Court were blown up to prevent a fire at Iron Gate Stairs spreading to and endangering the Tower (Letters and Papers, Chas. II. Dom. Ser. Vol. XIII. p. 81).
   It is shown in the Survey of St. Katherine's, 1686, Sloane MS. Br. Mus., as a narrow court.
   Described in Lockie's Topography, 1810, as "Catshole" Court.
   Called "Cats Hole" or "new court" in P.C. 1732.
   Removed in 1827 for the formation of St. Katherine's Docks and the adjacent warehouses.
   "Hole" may possibly be used in the sense of "alley."
   See Hole (le).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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