Churchyard Alley

   1) In Jewin Street.
   Mentioned 1678 (H. MSS. Com. 11th Rep. II. 57).
   No later mention.
   2) East out of Shoe Lane to St. Andrew Holborn Churchyard, in Farringdon Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Boyle, 1799).
   First mention: 1660 (L. and P. Chas. II. I. 344).
   The site has been cleared and rebuilt.
   3) North out of Harp Alley, west of St. Bridget's Churchyard, in Farringdon Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Elmes, 1831).
   Seems to be called "Church Alley" (Strype, ed. 1755 to Boyle, 1799).
   So named from its contiguity to the lower churchyard of St. Bride's parish.
   Removed for the formation of St. Bride Street, etc.
   4) South out of Thames Street at 119, west of Old London Bridge (Elmes, 1831). In Bridge Ward Within.
   First mention: 1591 (End. Ch. Rep. St. Michael's par. Crooked Lane, 1903, p. 11) ; and 1594 (Ct. H.W. II. 720).
   Probably identical with "Churchhawlane" (q.v.), formerly called "Steveneslane" or "Stepheneslane."
   Removed c. 1831 for the formation of the approaches to the New London Bridge, the site being now occupied by Adelaide Place (q.v.).
   Perhaps named from the new churchyard of St. Magnus the Martyr, not far distant.
   See Le Hole.
   "Church-hawe : Hawe" = O.E. haza, an enclosure = a churchyard (N.E.D.).
   5) See St. Dunstan's Alley, Great Tower Street.
   6) North out of Chick Lane to St. Sepulchre's Churchyard, in Farringdon Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Boyle, 1799).
   The site is now covered by Charterhouse Street.
   7) West out of Fetter Lane on the north side of St. Dunstan's Churchyard, in Farringdon Ward Without, and north to Cursitor's Alley (O. and M. 1677, and Boyle, 1799).
   First mention: 1632 (L. and P. Chas. I. V. 463).
   Called : "Church Side Alley," 1669 (L. and P. Chas. II. 1668-9, p. 373).
   Site rebuilt for business purposes.
   8) See Cartwright Street.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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