Cripplegate Ward

Cripplegate Ward
   One of the twenty-six wards of the City, and lying both within and without the City Wall. It lies on the north side of the City, between Bassieshaw and Cheap Wards east, Bread Street Ward south, Farringdon Ward Within, Aldersgate Wards Within and Without, and Farringdon Ward Within (det.) on the west, and the parish of St. Luke's Old Street north.
   First mention: In the list of wards, c. 1285, mentioned in L. Bk. A. p. 209, "Ward of Crepelgate."
   Formerly called : "Ward of Henry de Frowyke," 1275-6 (Cal. L. Bk. B. p. 259).
   In the assessements of inhabitants of the Wards, 20 Ed. III. (1346), it is spoken of as "Crepelgate Within and Without" (Cal. L. Bk. F. p. 148).
   So called of the gate of that name (S. 292).
   Contained in Stow's time seven churches : St. Mary Aldermanbury ; St. Alban, Wood Street ; St, Olave, Mugwell Street ; St. Alphage, London Wall ; St. Michael, Wood Street ; St. Giles, Cripplegate ; St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street. Also Priory of Elsing Spital ; Cripplegate Hermitage ; Compter in Wood Street. Halls of Companies, six, ivz.: Pinners' or Plasterers' Hall ; Brewers' Hall ; Curriers' Hall ; Wax-Chandlers' Hall ; Haberdashers' Hall, and Bowyers' Hall. Of these seven churches, four alone remain, viz.: St. Mary, Aldermanbury ; St. Alban, Wood Street ; St. Alphage, London Wall ; St. Giles, Cripplegate. While Brewers' Hall ; Curriers' Hall ; Haberdashers' Hall, and Wax-Chandlers' Hall are still in existence.
   See Wards.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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