Desebourne Lane

Desebourne Lane
   South out of Thames Street to the Thames in the parish of St. Mary de Somersete in the Ward of Queenhithe, 215 ft. in length and 7 ft. in width, except near the Thames, when it is of the width of a King's ell, 22 Ed. III. 1348 (Cal. L. Bk. F. p. 184, and Cal. P.R. Ed. III.).
   Sir Edward de Montacute's house was on the east side of the lane and Walter Gladewyn's on the west.
   The lane seems to be mentioned, but unnamed in 17 Ed. III. when a view was held of the precincts of the Thames, and inquiry made as to certain lanes which were intended for public use, but had been shut up at various times by owners of property in them. This lane seems to have been in this condition (Lib. Cust. II. 454).
   In Rotuli Hundredorum, I. 418, mention is made in the Ward of Simon de Hadestok of a lane called Deneburzgate, Denebureghlane in parish of St. Mary de Somerset.
   Probably an earlier form of the name "Desebourne Lane."
   Not further identified.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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