Golden Lane, Cripplegate

Golden Lane, Cripplegate
   North out of Barbican, at No. 33 to No. 58 Old Street. Partly in Cripplegate Ward Without, partly in the Borough of Finsbury (P.O. Directory).
   First mention: "Goldynglane," 1324-5 (Ct. H.W. I. 311).
   Other forms : "Goldynggeslane," 1361 (Ct. H.W. II. 27). "Golden lane," Faithorne, 1658.
   The earliest mention may be in 1217-43 in a deed belonging to St. Paul's of "Goldig Wellestrate" in the prebend of Haliwell without the suburb of London, without the Bar (H. MSS. Com. 9th Rep. 11).
   The City posts in this lane marked the City boundary (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 93).
   Probably named after some family holding property there.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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