Grauntham Lane

Grauntham Lane
   South out of Thames Street to the Thames. In the parish of All Hallows the Great in Dowgate Ward (S. 233).
   Earliest mention: "Granthameslane," 17 Ed. III. (Lib. Cust. II. p. 449).
   In an inquisition taken at this time complaint was made that John de Grantham had closed up the lane with two great stones and two iron bars, so that, whereas it had been open to all from the "regia strata" to the Thames, there was now no ingress or egress to and fro to the injury of the community.
   In 1382 permission was obtained to build a stair at the end of the lane, as being useful for obtaining water quickly, 5 Rich. II. (1382) (Cal. L. Bk. H. p. 182).
   In Stow's time it was mainly occupied by a brewhouse, as before, and in later times it took the name of Brewer's Lane (q.v.).
   It is said to have taken its name originally from the John de Grantham, a former owner, and Mayor of the City, 1328-9, who committed the obstruction above mentioned.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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