Beamondis Inne

Beamondis Inne
   Capital messuage so called in parish of St. Michall in Woodestrete in the ward of Crepulgate and two other messuages adjoining, one between the capital messuage west, and a tenement late of Gilbert Egleston, east, the other between the capital messuage east and a tenement called "le Haberdashers Rentis," west, and abutting on the highway south and on the capital messuage north. This property lately belonged. to Wm., late Viscount Beamonte, and Lord Bardolfe, 1531 (L. and P. H. VIII. Vol. V. p. 255).
   If the Haberdashers' Rents here mentioned can be identified with Haberdashers' Hall, then Beamondis Inne must have occupied part of the site of what is now 31 to 45 Gresham Street, a carpet manufacturer's premises.
   In 1677 in O. and M. part of the site is covered by Wooley's Court (q.v.).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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