Royal Mint Street

   East from Sparrow Corner, Minories, to Cable Street (P.O. Directory). A small portion only in Portsoken Ward.
   Former names " Hoggestrete " (39 Ed. III. 1366, Cal. Close Rolls, 1364-8, p.212). Heggestrete" (Temp. Ed. III. Anc. Deeds A. 2647). " Hoglane " (36 H. VIII. 1544, L. and P. H. VIII. XIX. Pt. 2, p.180). "Hogge-lane" (Agas., c. 1561). "Hogstreate" (S. 126). " Rosemary Lane" (Ryther, 1608-Elmes, 1831). " Rag Fair (from the old clothes sold therein in the centre of the street). First called Royal Mint Street in 1850.
   It seems probable that Hogstreate is a corruption of " Hegge strete," and that this was the original form of the name.
   Rag Fair was held here at one time, where the railway dep6ts now stand.
   The Royal Mint stands on the south side of the street, hence the later name.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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