Bell Wharf Lane

   South out of Upper Thames Street to Greenwich Street and Bell Wharf, opposite No.177 Upper Thames Street (P.O. Directory). In Vintry Ward.
   First mention: O.S. 1848-51.
   Former names : "Bell Wharf Passage" (Horwood, 1799, and Lockie, 1810). "Emperor's Head Lane, Alley" (Leake, 1666-Boyle, 1799). "Emper head lane" (Hatton, 1708, and Dodsley, 1761). "Simpson's lane of one Simpson" or "Emperor's head lane of such a signe" (S. 241).
   After the Fire, 1666, the buildings on the western side were set back 1 1/2 ft. to widen the alley, 1670. But it was not found possible to set back those on the eastern side (L. and P. Chas. II. 1669-70, p. 71).
   The Fishermen's Hall mentioned in a deed of 1741 relating to houses comprised in Brickle's Charity is identified with the Emperor's Head (Hubbard, p. 40).
   Possibly this lane was originally called "Harbour Lane" (q.v.).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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