Aldgate High Street

Aldgate High Street
   From Duke Street at 19 and 20 Aldgate to Middlesex Street at 146 Whitechapel High Street. In Portsoken Ward.
   Formerly called also: " Whitechapel Street " (O. and M. 1677-Rocque, 1746). Aldgate Street without Aldgate" (L. Guide, 1758). "Aldgate High Street without Aldgate" (Lond. Rev. 1728). But the form "Aldgate High Street" seems to have been the one in general use from the beginning of the 18th century.
   It must not be forgotten that Aldgate High Street forms part of one continuous thoroughfare extending from the junction of Leadenhall Street and Fenchurch Street to Mile End, and beyond the boundary of the County of London and indeed of Middlesex.
   The part included within the City boundary is now known as: "Aldgate," from the east end of Leadenhall Street to Duke Street (in Aldgate Ward) and "Aldgate High Street," from Duke Street to Middlesex Street (in Portsoken Ward).
   But in early days the name " Aldgate " or " Alegatestrete " (as it was more often called) had a much wider application, and was variously used to denote the high street extending from Lime Street to Whitechapel and Stepney beyond the City boundary, as well as apparently some part of Fenchurch Street or Jewry Street and Crutched Friars.
   Thus mention is made in old documents of: Tenements and rents in " Alegatestrete" in parish of St. Katherine Colman in 1334-5 (Cal. of Wills, Ct. Hust. I.401). Tenements in " Algatestrete" in par. of Allhallows Stanyngechurche 1367 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Ed. III. 1364-8, p.338). "Little Jewry in Algatestrete," 14 Rich. II. 1391 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Rich. II. 1388-92, p. 417). Surrender at Court of Stebenhuthe (Stepney) manor of reversion of three shops, etc., in parish of St. Mary in " Algatestret," 9 H. V. (Anc. Deeds, A. 2630). (This must be St. Mary Matfellon or St. Mary Whitechapel.) "Whitechapel in Algatestrete," 36 Ed. III. (Cal. Feet of Fines, Lond. and Midd. I. p.139).
   Stow, in his Survey of London (ed. 1603, p.140), describes the street of Aldgate as extending from Aldgate Pump to Lime Street.
   It should be noted that in all the early forms, the name is written without the" d.
   " Alegatestrete " 10 Ed. I. (Anc. Deeds, A. 1950). " Allgaitestrate," 13 Ed. I. (Chancery, I. p.m. (65)). "Allegatestrate," 1309 (Cal. Wills. Ct. H. I. 207). "Algatestret," 1349 (Cal. Wills. Ct. Hust. I. 596). Named after the Gate of Alegate.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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