Blanch Appleton

   Shown in Agas' (G) map, 1578.
   It is variously described as a manor, a messuage, a district, etc., and was situated at the north-east end of Mark Lane, in the ward of Aldgate.
   The earliest notice occurs in a confirmation by Robert de Valonus of the grant made in 1177 by David de Cornhella and Robert his brother to the canons of Holy Trinity of their land of "Blanchesapeltuna," this land being in the soke of the said Robert.
   This description of it as being "in the soke" of Robert de Valonus may account for its apparent alienation from the jurisdiction of the City and for the peculiar privileges it seems to have enjoyed as a manor, such as the holding of manorial courts from time to time by the Earls of Hereford (See Ch. I. p.m. 23 Ed. I. No. 57 ; Cal. Close Rolls 15 Ed.III. 1341-3, p. 244).
   It seems to have remained in the possession of the Priory until the 13th century. But in 1288, 16 Ed. I., we find from a Chancery I. p.m. that the messuage and appurtenances called "le Blaunch Appleton" were divided amongst the heirs of John de Vallibus. Later it passed into the possession of the de Bohuns, Earls of Hereford and Essex, and remained in their family until temp. Rich. II. (Anc. Deeds, B. 2030).
   After the death of the Countess of Hereford (when the earldom became extinct), 8 Rich. II. (ib. D. 415), the property was divided and passed into the hands of various owners (Cal. P.R. 9 Rich. II. 1385-9, p. 57) and (S. 151).
   In 1636-7 the messuage called Blanch Appleton was claimed by the Mayor and Commonalty of the City with a tenement called "Stewards Inn" (L. and P. Chas. I. 1636-7, p. 466).
   Basket-makers, wire-drawers, and other foreigners were permitted to have shops in this manor and not elsewhere in the time Edward IV. (S. 151).
   The name survived in the 18th century in Blanch Appleton Court (q.v.).
   The derivation of the name is obscure.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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