All Hallows Colemanchurch

   Qy. = Katherine (St.) Colman and Colemanchurch (q.v.).
   All the references to this church and parish are early in date. The earliest is temp. Rich. I. "Land in parish of All Hallows Colemanecherche" (Anc. Deeds, A. 2264-5), and the latest 1310 (ib. A. 2064).
   Some land in the parish is described as adjoining land of the brethren of Mountjoy (Monte Jovis) east (Anc. Deeds, A. 7350), and in 1391 we find Montjeofysyn described as within the gate of Algate (Cal. P.R. Rich. 11.1388-92, p.417).
   This record seems to place the parish within the Ward of Aldgate, and the present parish of St. Katherine Colman, and it must not be forgotten that Fenchurch (q.v.) was also known as "Colmanstrete."
   It is worthy of note that in the list of London churches in the Liber Custumarum I. 230, 31 Ed. I. there is a church called " Omnium Sanctorum de Colmannechirche," while St. Katherine Colman is not mentioned, whereas in the list of patrons following (p.235), St. Katherine Colman is mentioned and not All Hallows. These omissions can certainly not be regarded as positive proofs of identity, but they may at least be looked upon as possible indications of it.
   In the Holy Trinity Cartulary (MS. of Thos. de Axebrigge described under Holy Trinity Priory), mention is made of property in the parish of St. Katherine or All Saints Colmanchurch (Dugdale VI. 155), and the explanation would seem to be that the church had received a double dedication to St. Katherine and All Saints (See Stow, 151), and that in consequence the church and parish are sometimes referred to by one name 'and some-times by the other.
   In later times the dedication to St. Katherine is exclusively made use of.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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